Windows Live Writer–Is it a necessary tool…?


cup-o-javaWhile noodling around on my computer looking for something, I came across a Windows program by the name of: ‘Windows Live Writer’  Hmmm, I thought, what is this and would it be useful in getting me to write more posts for my blog…?  Well, let’s see how it works…

So, this is the first post written using ‘Windows Live Writer’…  Looking at the menu bar it has lots of ‘bells ‘n whistles’ like a regular Word document, which could come in handy when writing a post… Smile

This is the end of the test… The only thing – and I’m not sure at this point in time if it is important – I can see would be a problem is not seeing the theme ‘offline’ here in the ‘live writer’; I will still have to login to my WP account and check writings created using this ‘Windows Live Writer’, which by-the-way is no longer supported by Microsoft…  Go figure… Confused smile

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