My Voter Registration Info


Hands Off My Voter Registration Info!

So let me see if I understand this correctly:  Trumpy won the election via the electoral college, but just a little over 6 months into his term as “president” of the United States, and he is still yammering on about his alleged claim that some three to five million voters illegally voted…?  And to prove that he is having his special commission investigating the alleged crime to request voter information from all 50 states…?

What in the wide world of sports do you hope to accomplish – or prove – with this unnecessary and expensive investigation…?

Okay, you won the presidency, how about acting more like a president than a child who can’t get what he wants…

Well, Mr. Trump, if you want to see my voter registration information then I think it only fair that you SHOW ME YOUR TAX RETURNS…!

On a side note, here’s a video to explain what the electoral college is all about – after all, it is how Trump became president even though he didn’t win the popular vote for president:

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