“Mayor Pete”

Yes, he is young but so was JFK… Yes, he is openly gay and is married to another man – so what…?

Nationalist? Populist? Patriot? Which One Are You?

What a tumultuous political year, huh… Are we heading for a nation of Populist? Nationalist? Uber Patriots? In an era of Trumpism it’s time to buckle up and hang on considering his own party is afraid of and his base supporters…!

Good Idea, but…

…emptiness… hollow words… no action… too much data not enough action… and on and on and on – so goes the world of punditry… if everyone is talking but no one is listening, then the proverbial standstill reigns supreme…

Browser / Search Engine Bully…?

Safari, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome – You can’t view website pages without out one: an Internet browser. What about a “search engine“? Are they the same thing?