Authoritarianism vs. Empathy?


It is not Nazi Germany or the 1930s with Hitler coming to power, even though it may feel like history is repeating itself all over now that we have entered  ‘The ‘Trump Era‘ …

The country is no doubt divided – both politically and socially… Do we need more authoritarianism or more empathy to ‘fix’ what’s wrong with us…?

Just what IS wrong with us these days…?  Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative, Progressive – labels for the different ‘tribe’ one belongs to…

Maybe instead of more ’empathy’ we need more compassion and self control towards one another…?

The “answer” is out there somewhere – all we need to do is find it… Here’s a couple of places to look: “The case for compassion, not empathy” The Economist book review of Paul Bloom’s book and this one: “One Nation After Trump” reviewed on KirkusReviews.Com

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