A Long Slow Silence…


Yeah… It has been a while, huh… Well, yours truly has been busy but mostly “lazy” when it has come to updating or even posting to this blog site… What can I say…? The good weather draws me out into it, then if no yard work really needs to be done then it’s off to the garage workshop to hobble something together; mostly items of the shop organization type inspired by the countless woodworking YouTube videos under my belt…

Oh, and keeping up with the political world, too… What a mess that’s in…!! But being in my own little corner of the world, most of that mess passes me by ’cause it’s doubtful I’m a known existence to any politician unless they are looking for money to fill their election war chests with, then I’m inundated with a flood of emails and the occasional snail mail junk mail from ’em looking for me to donate to ‘their’ cause(s)…!

Yes, the world of affairs when it comes to America’s political scene is in a very sad state… <sigh>

Well, until the next posting, stay safe and as RedGreen always says: “Keep your stick on the ice!”

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